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      Many women feel bad about their breast size. Unfortunately, it affects self-esteem and could creates complexes that sometimes hinder everyday functioning. There is much evidence in the literature that breast surgery improves self-esteem and confidence.


"Aesthetic breast augmentation results in significant improvement in women's body satisfaction and s elf-esteem."

Saariniemi et al. The effects of aesthetic breast augmentation on quality of life, psychological distress, and eating disorder symptoms: a prospective study. Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2012 Oct; 36 (5): 1090-5.


      The current trends in plastic surgery and the knowledge of selecting breast implants (which in recent years has been very well systematized) place great emphasis on maintaining natural proportions and the selection of implants individually matched to the patient's anatomy.

       Some patients expect their breasts to look natural after the surgery without the use of implants. Therefore, more and more often women decide to enlarge their breasts with their own fat.

       Another problem with the breasts is the loss of firmness with age and drooping (ptosis). Then the solution is breast lift (mastopexy), which can be performed with the preservation of volume or (mastopexy auto augmentation) with enlargement with implants (mastopexy with augmentation)

      There are also many patients who suffer from breast hypertrophy. Contrary to popular belief that large breasts are a symbol of sexuality and fertility, women with enlarged breasts suffer from back pain as well as skin changes in the inframammary folds of the. Such patients require breast reduction surgery, which significantly improves the quality of life and everyday functioning.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most frequently performed surgery in the field of plastic surgery. It consists in placing silicone implants inside the breast, improving their shape and proportions of the female silhouette. The implant is most often placed under the gland and partially under the pectoral major muscle. This technique (dual-plane) has been used for many years and is the best-studied method of breast augmentation. Appropriate planning of the operation, location of the incision and a special technique of wound closure allow the scar to be hidden exactly in the inframammary fold.

The key element of planning the operation is the selection of implants that match the patient's figure, which allows for the effect of natural-looking breasts. For the correct selection of implants, a consultation is necessary. Then surgeon learns the patient's expectations and performs measurements that determine the choice of implants. During the consultation, it is also possible to conduct 3D visualization.


Some patients with small breasts, who are not convinced to have implants, may decide to undergo lipofilling of the breast. It is a transplant of our own fat tissue in the breast. However, it should be remembered that by performing such a procedure, we can only firm the breasts or enlarge them by the size of one cup. If the patient expects a greater enlargement, she should consider breast augmentation with implants.


Lipofilling is perfect as a supplement to breast augmentation with implants (e.g. in the case of symmetrization, or as a hybrid breast augmentation surgery)

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Most often, patients decide to lift the breasts after breastfeeding or after massive weight loss, in which the breasts undergo ptosis. This manifests as the lower pole of the breast is below the inframammary fold and the nipple level is lowered. Depending on the degree of ptosis, such breasts may need to be lifted, which involves cutting around and below the areola. Depending on the initial volume of the breast, such an operation can be performed with the preservation of the volume of own tissues (autoaugmentation mastopexy) or with augmentation with implants (mastopexy augmentation).

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is an operation that women with breast enlargement choose. Often in such patients there is degenerative changes in the spine and chronic pain. Then the aim of the surgery is to improve everyday functioning and quality of life. Currently used surgical techniques - depending on the initial size of the breast - allow for the preservation of sensation within the nipple-areola complex and do not deprive the possibility of breastfeeding in the future. The cut is located around the areolas, below and in the inframammary fold (in the shape of an inverted letter "T")

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Sometimes men also decide to undergo breast surgery. This usually applies to a situation in which we are dealing with an enlarged breast gland. Gynecomastia is a frequent source of complexes and disturbances in body image.

This procedure involves the surgical removal of the enlarged gland. Sometimes liposuction of this area is also performed during the operation.

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