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With age, as a result of tissue aging processes, the fat compartments in the face, which constitute a kind of "scaffold" for soft tissues, disappear. Then wrinkles, nasolabial or marionette folds appears and the cheeks begin to droop. In such situations, the simplest and least invasive solution is to inject a tissue fillers (based on hyaluronic acid).

It is a substance with high water-binding properties. In effect, it is restores elasticity to the tissues, while moisturizing the skin. Hyaluronic acid can be injected shallow or deep - depending on the indications and the area.  


In recent years, the administration of hyaluronic acid has been very popular for lip augmentation.


Most of these types of treatments are treatments that can be performed during a short visit to the office, which is why they are sometimes jokingly referred to as "lunch treatments".

The duration is 20 - 60 minutes.

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